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Our priorities for 2018-20

These are the priorities for the Islington Youth Council (IYC) over the next two years

As youth councillors, we will listen to the views of all young people. That includes young people who go to school out of borough, those who don’t feel their voices have been heard, young people having problems or that are worried about what is happening at home, with their education or in their communities.

We will work together with representative young people from all of the protected characteristics (covered by the Equality Act, such as disability, gender reassignment, race, religion or belief, sex, sexual orientation and more) to make sure we understand the whole picture about what life is like for young people in Islington.

We will actively support the recommendations of the Fair Futures Commission, including the annual summits, where we will contribute what we have learned over the last year from the young people we speak with.


We will:

  • Work together with council leaders to promote and support Islington’s Youth Crime Plan, Working Together for a Safer Islington.
  • Challenge negative views about young people and promote positive messages about staying safe online and out in our communities.
  • Listen to the views of young people about how safe we feel in our communities and feed these back to council leaders and the police.


We will:

  • Promote a wide range of fun physical activities that are open to all young people.
  • Hear the views of young people about the issues that make us feel worried or stressed.
  • Make sure that the redesigned mental health services for young people are accessible and meet our needs.


We will:

  • Promote opportunities for young people to socialise together in our communities and in spaces that we feel comfortable using.
  • Make sure young people can influence and access community spaces, estates, parks and open spaces, including ones that are being developed or redesigned.
  • Promote all of the opportunities available in our free time, including youth hubs and clubs, leisure centres, libraries and any activities that give us the chance to relax, learn and have fun.


We will:

  • Advocate for the Fair Futures recommendation of at least 100 hours of experience of the world of work by the age of 16, as well as promote apprenticeship and employment opportunities for young people in Islington.
  • Ask council leaders to include important subjects like money management, first aid, housing and other skills for life in our education and free time activities.
  • Check that we have real opportunities to get involved in decision making through our education, free time activities and the relationships with professionals that work with us.

If you want more information about or want to comment on the priorities of the Youth Council, please feel free to get in touch.