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Youth Council

Abubakar Finiin, Member for Youth Parliament, Lydia Banjo, Young Mayor and Arkan Ali Akiil, Deputy Young Mayor

#YouthFest19 and #SummerFest ...

... just two of the events organised by your Youth Council

In April, nearly 200 young people attended the first #YouthFest19 event held at Lift Youth Hub. #YouthFest19 was developed and organised by Islington Youth Council to showcase some of the exciting activities available for free in the borough.

In early July, the Youth Council ran #SummerFest.

We are really pleased that we could bring young people together in a fun and safe place. It was great to see young people from different backgrounds, mixing.

Check out the film of #YouthFest 2019

#YouthFest19 hosted fun, informative and practical sessions featuring technology and art workshops, careers advice and free gym sessions.

Youth Councillors

Youth councillors are responsible for making sure the opinions of young people in Islington are heard by campaigning for the needs and interests of their young electorate. Youth councillors also work with council officers and elected members to ensure young people have a key role in planning, designing, delivering and reviewing services.

The Youth Council will work on four key priorities:


If you want more information about the Youth Council, please feel free to get in touch.