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Ways of working

There are different ways of working. Work doesn’t just mean having a paid 9 to 5 job. Work doesn’t have to be full-time, paid or permanent and you don’t even have to work for someone else!

Work includes:

  • working under the age of 16, even a few hours a week. There are strict rules about what and how much work you can do and you’ll need a permit
  • voluntary or unpaid work
  • homeworking, where you work in your own home but are employed by someone else, often packing or making something. There can be problems, so read adverts carefully and make sure you know your rights. Don’t pay any money upfront
  • self-employment, where you work for yourself.

Your job could be:

  • full-time or part-time
  • permanent or temporary.

And don’t forget apprenticeships are jobs, with training.   

Which of these will help you achieve your career goal?

  • A job with training, such as an apprenticeship.
  • Some voluntary work, so you have the work experience needed for a job or training course.
  • A part-time job to fit in with full-time study.
  • Being self-employed. Do you have the business skills and ideas to be an entrepreneur, to run a business?

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