Education and training 18+

Thinking of going to a university or college to do a higher education course?

The information and advice here is designed to help you, starting with course research through to applications and on to freshers’ week (the first week of university).

Find out how to apply to university or college using UCAS. Learn about the different sections you need to complete and how to submit your application in the UCAS video.

Some students go to university to train for the job they want to do, for example nurses, teachers, doctors and engineers. Other students have a subject that they wish to study at a higher level. If you aren’t sure what to do at university, try an online questionnaire such as UK Course Finder.

Your school or college may have access to other online sites and questionnaires such as Higher Ideas or Pathfinder+HE.

What do graduates do?

Thinking about opportunities for graduates may help you to plan. Try these sites, which have careers information and advice especially for new graduates

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