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Want to find out more about working in legal, financial and professional sectors?

You can find out more about a range of local employers in legal, financial and professional in the sections below. 

To book free activities for young people aged 11 - 18 at your school or community group, please click on the sector specific links below to browse our current offers.
If you don’t see a job or sector represented that you would like to book, we still may be able to support, please contact WorldofWork@Islington.gov.uk to set up a meeting to discuss your needs and how we can support your young people.

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Discover 2 Dream

Discover 2 Dream is an initiative aimed at giving students of all ages exposure to young professionals with whom they can relate. The initiative was founded by two sisters – Serena Kern-Libera and Carina Kern. Their professional speakers are women who represent a variety of backgrounds and professions such as Law, Medicine, Fintech, Drama, Science and Music.

  • Suitable for year groups - Y7-11
  • Duration - Flexible
  • Location - in school
  • Capacity - flexible
  • Gatsby Benchmarks - 2 and 5

Discover 2 Dream can offer a range of opportunities including:

  • Careers talk and Q&A – hear from a female professional talk about their career journey and the advice they can give your students. Followed by an opportunity for students to ask questions.    

Skills linking to Skills Builder: Listening, Speaking, Aiming High

Occupations in this sector could lead to:  Doctor, Lawyer, Entrepeneur

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Investment 2020

Investment 20/20 provides access to a large network of investment management companies committed to helping graduates, school and college leavers start, grow and succeed in the industry. 

  • Suitable for year groups - Y7-11
  • Duration - Flexible
  • Location - in school
  • Capacity - flexible
  • Gatsby Benchmarks - 2 and 5

Investment 20/20 can offer a range of opportunities including:

Careers talk and Q&A session – students will learn about the purpose of investment management, career pathways into the sector, labour markets and the types of jobs in the future as they hear from Investment 20/20 Trainees/Apprenticeships talk about their experience

  • Suitable for Year group(s): 7 – 13
  • Duration: Flexible, from 15 to 45 minutes

Investing to improve climate change – students will understand how good investment decisions can have a positive impact in climate change. Plus, how environmental topics in subjects such as geography and science can relate to jobs in investments.
• Suitable for Year group(s): 10 – 13
• Duration: 60 minutes

Work Placement - Half day insights provide students with an opportunity to get a sense of what a corporate environment feels like, along with networking with professionals and taking part in activities to increase their own understanding of investment management careers and the skills required to work in the sector. This is in demand and get booked up quick!
• Suitable for Year group(s): 10 – 13
• Duration: half a day

Preparing for the recruitment process - hear from an Investment20/20 Trainee or Apprentice, as they talk through the recruitment process and gaining top recruitment tips. Students will also receive information on the Investment20/20 Trainee and Apprenticeship programme.
• Suitable for Year group(s): 12 – 13
• Duration: 45 - 60 minutes

Think Investments - Think Investments is Investment 20/20 award-winning work insights programme. It has been adapted to embed a range of curriculum subjects, or to be delivered as part of an ongoing careers programme in a school or college aimed at year 12 and 13 students. The programme consists of one introductory session and three subsequent modules and delivered by Investment20/20 and their partner employers. There are two pathways – business and technology.

Think Investments Business Pathway
• Modules:
• What’s the purpose of investment management?
• What are assets and what impacts their performance?
• How does investment management make the world a better place?

Think Investments Technology Pathway
• Modules:
• What’s the role of technology in investment management?
• Cybersecurity in investment management?
• What’s the role of data and systems?
“Think Investment is one of our prized partnerships. Our students get to connect with industry experts, explore the world of investment management and get access to exciting opportunities to kick start their career. We now have Westminster Kingsway College Alumni working in the investment industry and we are incredible proud of their achievements.” Carlo Liu, Head of Careers Education and Partnerships, Westminster Kingsway College
• Suitable for Year group(s): 12 – 13
• Duration: 30 mins x 1 session, 60 minutes x 3 session

Skills linking to Skills Builder: Listening, Aiming High

Occupations in this sector could lead to:  Credit contoller, Accoutant, Investment banking

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