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Travel and transport

There are many different ways to travel using lots of different forms of transport

If you want to go and explore more than your own area, you need to know how to travel around safely, on time and using the best method available.

This section looks at travelling around London, further away – around the UK, taking a gap year and learning to drive.

Organisations that can help:

There are lots of ways to travel around London

– cars, bikes, buses and trams. The main ways to get around London are:

 Also available are:

Getting about safely

Whichever method you choose, you will need to plan your journey and think about how you are going to pay the fares. Make sure you travel safely, especially if you are by yourself.

UK wide

Help with your travel plans wherever you want to go throughout the UK.

Organisations that can help include:

Gap year

You may want to travel abroad by yourself or with friends to experience new things.

This could be by working abroad in your gap year, looking at studying overseas, voluntary work, a cultural exchange or just travelling.

You may decide to stay in the UK and work or volunteer.

These things are possible but you will need to plan ahead in good time. Ask questions, save money, research your options and prepare properly, so that you have a good experience and don’t get into trouble. 

Consider the for:

  • travel - a chance to travel and experience different cultures before concentrating on a career
  • time to think - to become more certain about future plans
  • work experience - if related to career ideas it will be helpful and impress future employers
  • escape - from study and exams
  • money - working and saving to help meet the cost of higher education.

And against:

  • finance - how will you fund it?
  • future plans - some admissions tutors have reservations about students taking a year out so check with the university
  • work routines - it may be difficult to settle into study again
  • money - you may miss a pay packet if you have had one.

Organisations that can help:

About 7% of UCAS applicants decided to take a gap year and make a deferred application.

Check out our advice on staying safe

Learn to drive

Learning to drive is a really useful thing to do

Even if you think you will never be able to afford a vehicle. Once you reach 16 years of age you may apply for a Provisional Driving licence. If you are still in education, you may be able to do a pre-driving course where you are learning.

If you want to drive a motorcycle then you have to be 17 and have completed a Compulsory Basic Training (CBT) course.

Some jobs require you to have a driving licence.

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