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Managing money

It pays to be a money expert!

Whether you are a student, employee, apprentice or school leaver, you will benefit from improving your financial skills and knowledge.

Rates of pay, National Minimum Wage rates, student finance, learner bursaries, taxes and benefits change each year, so you need to understand what pay or support you are entitled to and learn to manage the money you get.

Organisations that can help:

Your money

Looking after your money is important!

Being able to understand the basics could save you money and a lot of worry, so find out about

  • opening a bank account
  • budgeting
  • understanding a payslip and your pay
  • what value for money means

Sources of help:

If you're struggling and need help, check out the links on this page and related information below.


If you are over 16, you may be able to apply or claim benefits.

Benefits are government payments that help some families and individuals. These are usually paid if you are on a low income, looking for work, or caring for a young child or older person.

There are also benefits to help you if you are disabled or have an illness that affects getting a job or going to work. 

Your family may be able to claim Universal Credit or Child Benefit if you stay in education or training after Year 11.

It may seem complicated but there are organisations that can advise you:

Also take a look at the links on this page and see the related information below.

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