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Fit and healthy

Although it can be tough to do the right things, the benefits for mind and body of a healthy lifestyle are well known:

  • you have more energy
  • you don’t get ill so often (as a result of a boosted immune system)
  • you feel happier (as you feel better about yourself and grow in self confidence)
  • you’re less likely to feel depressed

'Things to Do' to keep you fit and healthy, whether you are non-disabled or have a disability

Islington has a strategy for the health of its children and young people, explained here by some of Isington's young people.

If you need medical help or information check out NHS Choices at any time for advice on any health question or ring the NHS non-emergency advice line on T: 111

Lift in Islington can help you develop and stick to a healthy lifestyle from exercising regularly through to healthy eating. There are:

  • drop in gym sessions
  • exclusive gym use for Lift members
  • dance classes
  • cooking
  • nutritional advice
  • lots of advice available.

Organisations that can help:


If you have a learning disability or a physical disability there are lots of local and national organisations offering support.

If you have a question about:

  • a specific learning disability or medical condition
  • support for children with disabilities and their families
  • education and training opportunities.

... For organisations that can help, see the services, related information and video below.

Mental health

Mental health problems are more common than you think.

These include depression, stress, eating disorders, self harm, bipolar, suicidal feelings and more. Things like changes to family life, the death of someone close, and bullying can also lead to problems. One in four of us experience some form of mental illness during our life.

Pressures or stress can become so strong that they affect the way we think. You can talk confidentially to someone who understands.

Jobs in Mind run the Wrap Project for young people aged between 16 and 25, living in Islington and Camden and experiencing stress related or mental health condition T: 020 7281 8097.

Organisations that can help:

Worried about a friend or family member? Look at the services and related information below. See also the video below on how to start a conversation with someone about mental health or check out our info on bullying and abuse in Staying Safe

Alcohol, drugs and smoking

Drugs and alcohol affect different people in different ways.

You can end up doing things you wouldn’t normally do like fighting, having unprotected sex or driving dangerously. And you may not always know what’s in your drink or drugs.

If you think you, or someone you care about, may have a problem with drugs or alcohol, you can contact someone with experience, who will understand and not judge.

Organisations that can help:

For further information look at the services, related information and video below and check out our drugs and alcohol section