Minerva Lodge

Minerva Lodge is a supported living service for nine people with learning disabilities and autism, aged from their 30s to their 70s, each of whom live in their own flat. The centre has great communal areas, and everyone meets regularly to socialise – including a roast dinner on Sundays and a coffee morning on Fridays. They also have a beautiful communal garden tended by the residents.

  • 43 sheltered tenancies for older people and 9 tenancies for people with a learning disability.
  • The learning disability provision is in a separate area on one floor of the building.
  • The support for older people is provided by Epic Trust and the support to people with a learning Disability is provided by Yarrow.
  • The housing management is provided by Circle Anglia.

All initial enquiries about making an application for sheltered housing in Islington should be made to the council's Rehousing section on 020 7527 4140.

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020 7527 4140 020 7527 4140
Parent Organisation
Sheltered Housing


42, Roman Way
N7 8XS

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