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Little Village provides good quality second-hand clothing, beds and bedding, as well as nappies and toiletries, for children under 5 who are living in poverty.

Support available

Little Village is able to offer two types of support:

1.       Hygiene Essentials Pack

This is available to any qualifying family (see below).

The pack provides a month’s worth of toiletries for every member of the family.

Packs available are:

  1. Baby pack (for 0-1yr olds, contains Baby wash, moisturiser, nappy cream, wipes)
  2. Toddler pack (for 2-5yrs, contains body wash, moisturiser, toothbrush & toothpaste, wipes)
  3. Women's pack (contains shampoo, conditioner, body wash or soap, moisturiser, deodorant, toothbrush and toothpaste, sanitary protection)
  4. Men's pack (contains hair & body wash or soap, deodorant, toothbrush and toothpaste)


Packs will be sent direct to the family home via Royal Mail enabling contact-free delivery.

2.       Urgent Clothing Pack

This is available for newborn babies and older children with nothing (see criteria below).

A pack of up to 40 items of clothing per child, including outfits, underwear, outerwear and shoes is provided.

Nappies, if required, plus basic toiletries are also provided.

Moses baskets (with new mattress) can be given for newborns, or new mattresses can be provided for older children without beds.

Packs of clothing and kit will be delivered via courier or volunteer to the family front door.


Criteria for Support

Families with children under 5 experiencing hardship.

Hygiene Essentials pack are available to any family meeting the criteria listed below in the judgement of the referring partner.

Urgent Clothing is available to any family meeting the criteria below plus either of the two following criteria below:

Newborn babies (covering mothers 26 weeks-plus pregnant, and babies up to 3 months old)

Children aged 3months to 5 years with nothing. This may be because they are recent arrivals to the area due to refugee/asylum status or rehousing due to domestic violence. Professionals making a referral are requested to make their own judgement of need. The referral form asks for an indication of the reasons for needing support with suggested criteria: Homeless No access to public funds Living in temporary accommodation Seeking asylum / refugee Single parent Disabled/family member disabled Low income Dealing with domestic violence Affected by substance misuse Economic hardship due to Covid-19

The service is available weekdays

Making A Referral

Professionals or community members making a referral on behalf of a family are asked to do so via the Little Village website: Once a referral is received, Little Village will liaise directly with the family to arrange delivery of the items requested. For more information, or any clarifying questions, please contact: Rebecca Wilson Head of Programmes Little Village


Usual Service:

Free clothes, toys and equipment for babies and children under 5.

Who to contact

Little Village
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