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We provide fully managed payroll services for Service Users who are employing their own Carer / PA funded by a direct payment / personal budget.  We manage the payroll completely and are the payroll department for our clients. We:                                  

  • Calculate wage payments , tax, national insurance, SSP, SMP etc etc                       
  • Pay the Carer / PA directly in to their bank accounts (no need to write cheques etc)      
  • Pay HMRC electronically all tax / NI owed to them                                                     
  • Deal with HMRC on all payroll matters                                                                   
  • Provide payslips and reports                                                                                  
  • Keep all payroll records safely and securely                                                            
  • Support our clients on all payroll and related matters                                         
  • Provide a free phone helpline                                                                                    

We have well over 50 years combined payroll experience, have friendly helpful staff who are all payroll experts and on hand to provide guidance and support.
We take the hassle out of employing a carer directly and give our clients peace of mind that their payroll is dealt with professionally.

Insurance companies are regulated by the  Financial Conduct Authority  (FCA)

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0800 848 8998 0800 848 8998
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PayPacket Limited

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Cost Details
Payroll Processing £12 (£10+VAT) per payroll processed for one PA £2.40 (£2+VAT) per additional PA per payroll Year End Fee £24 (£20+VAT) billed in April to cover the administration of year end processes including sending out P60’s and filing HMRC returns. Pension £60* (£50+VAT) set up and admin fee year 1 £30* (£25+VAT) admin fee each year thereafter Both fees are billed at the staging date (or anniversary) of the individual Service User Managed Accounts £60 (£50+VAT) per annum admin fee £3 (£2.50+VAT) per payment transaction Bank Charges – we are charged based on the account activity and is typically between £0.60 and £2 per month and on average are £1 per month Managed Accounts fees are billed annually in April and are billed pro rata where accounts are opened through the year. Closing of Managed Bank Accounts will incur a charge • £7.00 For Managed Bank Account only • £7.00 + £24.00 year end fee for payroll with Managed Bank Account (Effective from October 2021)

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