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The Haven

The Haven (West London Mission) is a Registered Care Home which is a sanctuary for 26 men with long-term alcohol dependency. Many of our residents have experience of street homelessness and sometimes prison.

Many have been suffering from untreated illnesses and injuries, as well as the long term effects of poor diet and the mental health conditions associated with chronic alcoholism. Sometimes these things have been compounded by a lack of attention to hygiene and safety.

The Haven provides a stable environment and sympathetic support allowing them to make real positive steps in their health, their well-being and personal lives. Our qualified staff team help residents to reconnect with their family and make positive links within the community. We help them recover their confidence within the friendly atmosphere within the Haven through activities, trips and holidays. They are encouraged to take steps to improve their diet, personal care and medical health.

Who to contact

020 7263 3315


Holly Park
N4 4AQ
Record updated: 29/10/2019