Islington Reablement Service

The Reablement Service supports a person to reach their maximum level of independence possible following a period of ill-health or a stay in hospital.

The Reablement Service lasts for up to six weeks and is free of charge to the person receiving the service.

What is Reablement?

An illness or crisis can affect your independence and confidence in carrying out everyday activities.

You might need assistance to help you regain skills, find new ways of doing things, offer practical help or encouragement or to improve your confidence in your abilities.

Reablement provides a planned, short-term service that works with you to support you to do as much as you can for yourself, rather than other people doing tasks for you.

Who can use the service?

If you are a resident of Islington and are over 18 years of age you may be referred to the Reablement Service by a Social Worker or Care Manager because you:

  • are returning home after a period in hospital
  • need to establish strategies to live more independently
  • need support to remain in your own home
  • want to regain skills and confidence in daily tasks

What type of support is available?

Once your referral has been accepted, the Reablement Service will contact you to confirm your first visit. Your Case Manager or social worker will contact you to arrange a time to visit you at home to complete an initial assessment and risk assessment. They will work with you and your relatives or carers to assess what you are able to do and which tasks are difficult. This will identify the assistance you need and what you hope to be able to do for yourself.

The type of tasks you may focus on include:

  • Washing and dressing
  • Preparing snacks, meals and drinks
  • Going food shopping
  • Managing laundry and domestic tasks

Your allocated case manager will regularly review your progress and, as you become more independent, may gradually reduce the level of support. Any changes made to your Reablement Plan will be discussed with you.

Who is not eligible for the Reablement Service?

  • People with mental health needs or a learning disability that would prevent them from actively participating in the Reablement process
  • People under 18 years old
  • People in receipt of palliative care
  • People with a full-length plaster of Paris cast or similar restriction that would prevent them from reaching their Reablement potential.

Who provides this service?

Support workers are Islington Adult Social Services staff trained in the Reablement approach. They will work with you to progress towards managing tasks as independently as possible.

You may be seen by an Occupational Therapist or Physiotherapist who can assess and provide equipment to support you in achieving your Reablement goals, or suggest different ways of completing a task to make it easier.

A referral can also be made for a health professional assessment, for example physiotherapy, community nurses, or for Telecare or other voluntary agencies.

How much does it cost?

There is no charge to you for Reablement services.

Services can be provided for up to six weeks. Most people need the service for less than six weeks.

If it is identified that you have ongoing care needs following Reablement, we can work with you to identify your longer-term needs and a gree a plan with you about how to meet these needs.

There will be a financial assessment to determine any contribution you may need to make towards any ongoing services you receive.

When will I receive visits?

Visits are provided between 8am and 10pm everyday, 365 days a year. You can contact the office during these times.

Your case manager will discuss your preferred visiting times with you. Although the service will try to provide visits at these times, this cannot be guaranteed. If there is any particular reason you need a visit at a specific time, for example, to assist you to get ready for a day centre or to take medications, it is important that you discuss this with your case manager.

It’s important that you inform us by telephone if you will not be at home at the time of your scheduled visit, for example if you have a hospital appointment.

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