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Reablement Service

The aim of the Reablement Service is to support a person to reach the maximum level of independence possible following a period of ill-health.

The Reablement Service lasts for a maximum of six weeks and is free of charge to the service user.

As part of the rehabilitation process, the Reablement Service will assist clients in regaining independence with any activities of daily living including personal care, domestic chores and re-engaging with activities outside the home such as shopping or visiting the bank. Re-ablement workers work with service users by encouraging and supporting them to carry out tasks themselves rather than carrying out tasks on their behalf.

By the end of the period of reablement, it is hoped that most people will be helped to be as independent as possible, able to do things for themselves rather than having to rely on other people.

People who are not eligible for the Reablement Service:

  • People with mental health needs or a learning disability that would prevent them from actively participating in the rehabilitation process
  • People under 18 years old
  • People in receipt of palliative care
  • People with a full length plaster of paris cast or similar restriction that would prevent them from reaching their rehabilitation potential

In the circumstances described above, the person needing a service should be referred for a 'traditional' care service, arranged via a care agency by Islington Social Services.

If ongoing care is needed after the period of reablement, your Social Work or Support Advisor will discuss this with you and arrange ongoing services as needed.

Please see Reablement Service Information on the right hand side of this page for more information. 

Who to contact

020 7527 4435


Upper Street
N1 1XR
Record updated: 06/11/2019