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After Adoption

After Adoption offers a wide range of services and provides information, support and advice to all those affected by adoption. We work with children, families and adults and offer support throughout the adoption process. This can involve helping a birth parent to overcome the loss of their child to adoption, helping an adopted adult to search for their birth relatives, giving support to adoptive families and providing information to birth relatives.

We have three free, national telephone helplines where trained telephone counsellors can offer advice, support. ActionLine (0800 0 568 578) is our main helpline number for anyone with a connection to adoption who wants to find out more about our services as well as for professionals wanting more information. TALKadoption (0808 808 1234) is the only helpline of its kind dedicated to those aged under 25 who want to talk about adoption BirthTies (0800 840 2020) is the helpline for birth parents whose child is at risk of being adopted or has been lost to adoption.

We also have a family finding service, 'Families that Last,' which places children with adoptive families. We work with particularly 'hard to place' young children; the majority of whom have had unstable young lives. The team support the new families through the adoption process, working towards the stability needed to embrace a happier future.

The SafeBase Programme is aimed at adoptive parents to help them deal with any behavioural problems adopted children may display and for them to learn more about attachment difficulties.

At After Adoption we understand that all too often adoption is a tricky subject to talk about in everyday life. It often helps to talk to an outsider. All our services are delivered by experienced adoption workers or trained volunteers, many of whom have a personal experience of adoption.

Who to contact

020 7014 3194
0808 808 1234 - TALKadoption
0800 0 568 578 - ActionLine

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Opening times/date
9am to 5pm Monday to Friday

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Who is this service for?
Anyone who is adopted or who has been effected by adoption.
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Record updated: 24/01/2019