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The Data & Marketing Association UK (DMA) is the trade body for the direct marketing industry. The majority of national distribution companies involved in the door to door delivery of unaddressed mail, as well as some local distribution companies, are members of the DMA.

DMA membership includes a proportion of free newspaper publishers and the majority of national door to door distribution companies including The Royal Mail.

How to Contact the DMA to find out about stopping delivery of Unaddressed Mail
Although the communications they carry are usually valued and informative, door to door distribution companies recognise that not everyone may want to receive these items.

Those companies that are members of the DMA agree to abide by the expressed wishes of householders who do not wish to receive unaddressed material through their letterbox.

For details on how householders can exercise .Your Choice. and ask distribution companies to stop the delivery of unaddressed mail to their homes, please contact the DMA by letter, fax, telephone or e-mail and ask for details of the 'Your Choice' Preference Service for Unaddressed Mail. Please note, that registration with Your Choice will last for 2 years, after which you will need to re-register with the service.

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Data & Marketing Association
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