The Havens

The Havens are staffed by specially trained, experienced professionals who can provide medical help and advice, counselling and practical and emotional support to people who have been raped or sexually assaulted. You do not need to report the assualt to the police in order to use the Havens service. There are three Havens covering London in Camberwell, Paddington and Whitechapel.

Who to contact

020 7247 4787 - Whitechapel 020 7247 4787 - Whitechapel 020 3312 1101 - Paddington 020 3312 1101 - Paddington 020 3299 1599 - Camberwell 020 3299 1599 - Camberwell
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Time / date details

Opening times/date
Staff are on call for forensic examinations 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Follow-up services such as STI check-ups and counselling are available 9am-5pm on weekdays only.

Other Details

Can I refer myself?
Referral not required
Referral Details

You can only use the service at the Havens if you have an appointment, so you must phone us to arrange this. All you need to do to make an appointment is phone any one of the Havens.

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