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Clerkenwell Close Tenants Association

Clerkenwell, once run-down, has undergone radical improvement over the last 15 to 20 years, and is now a sought-after area in central London for residents & commerce.

The TA was formed in response to a need to improve our particular section of Clerkenwell - Clerkenwell Close - that is situated at the back of Clerkenwell Green.

Behind one particular georgian building, which was converted for the resdients into modern living spaces, lay an area of waste ground.

The residents got together and were able to form the TA in order to raise funding to transform the barren ground into a beautiful garden; hence the green theme to our website.

Since then more residents have joined, and the scope of the TA has widened to produce a variety of ideas to maintain a healthy and vibrant community. Since the inception of the TA, we have seen the neighbourhood spirit revitalised, and encourage other groups to take on challenges, and watch the community spirit develop just as our garden has done.

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Record updated: 20/07/2016