Golden Lane Children's Centre

Golden Lane Children's Centre is part of Prior Weston School at the Golden Lane Campus. The Campus is also shared with Richard Cloudesley Special School.

Golden Lane welcomes children from 6 months to 5 years, including Nursery and Reception children and offers stay and play sessions; courses for parents with creches provided.

More information on Bright Start services for families with children under 5, including the timetable of local and online activities.

You can read the most recent Ofsted report here.

Healthy Start vitamins are available to collect here.

For accessibility information, please visit Disabled Go.

Who to contact

020 7786 4800 020 7786 4800
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Golden Lane Campus
101 Whitecross Street

Time / date details

Opening times/date
Monday to Friday, 8am to 6pm.

Other Details

Age Ranges

Childcare services are for children aged 6 months to 4 years

Cost Details
There is a charge for children under 3 and for those 3- and 4-year-olds who stay longer than the free education hours.
Who is this service for?
Everyone living in Islington who cares for a child under 5.
Can I refer myself?
Referral not required
Referral Details

Phone the Children's Centre. The Centre is popular and prioritises children on whether the child is: at risk or in need; has special educational needs; lives in Islington; lives close to the nursery; is the right age for the space available; has parents who are working or studying full-time. The nursery does not prioritise children because they have been on the waiting list for a long time or because they have a brother or sister at the centre.

Childcare Information

2 year old funding
3 & 4 year old funding (15 hours)
3 & 4 year old funding (30 hours)
Tax-free childcare

Local Offer

How will you support my child?

Our setting welcomes children with SEND and we are committed to working with parents and other professionals to provide good inclusive practice. Our Islington link Area SENCO provides us with support, advice and training re children with SEND.

SENCo holds the following qualifications: Early Childhood Studies (with Practitioner Status); Bachelor of Arts First Class Honours; Level 4- Coordinate Special Educational Needs Provision; Professional Practice with Children Aged Birth to Three; Crocodile language groups; Intense training on supporting children with Autism; Challenging behaviour training; Child protection Lead training

Other staff training:Supporting children to develop their speech & Language (Every Child A Talking training, crocodile groups and Attention Builders); Supporting children with a variety of sensory needs; Supporting children with Autism; Specialist training in Picture Exchange Communication System; Makaton; Supporting children with behavioural difficulties; Toileting training; Sleep routines; Using an Epipen; Trained in paediatric first aid; Safeguarding Children

Golden Lane is part of Prior Weston School and is a friendly and inviting Inclusive Children’s Centre where everyone is welcome. Our Ofsted rating is Good. The Children’s Centre is on the ground floor located through Whitecross street. All classes have access to our garden area. The outdoor space is accessible by wheel chair.
There is a specified changing area and toilet facilities for children/adults requiring wheelchair access.

We work closely as a team, alongside children and parents to create a sense of trust, in a dynamic and exciting environment. We take pride in listening to and respecting all children as unique individuals. All children are enabled to achieve their full potential.
We want children to be happy and confident. We work hard as a team to enable children to become active and independent learners.

What we do to help children with special educational needs

Many children will need some extra support during their time. For many this will be for a short time, but others may require more long-term provision. At each stage of provision, the child’s needs and the effectiveness of the provision will be reviewed, and then the next steps planned for. These could include the removal of support, support maintained at the same level, or the provision moving to the next level.

The first wave of support will be through our differentiated provision; this includes a balance of regular adult support through child-initiated play.

The second wave involves more focused intervention and regular input by support staff in partnership with the family; this includes the following:

Small groups/ 1:1 sessions, which focuses on; development of speech & language, attention & listening and also focus on turn taking strategies 

The third wave involves referrals to outside agencies in making provision to meet the child’s needs in partnership with the family. This may involve:
An Educational Psychologist speaking to the parent/carer about their thoughts regarding their child as well as observing their child at nursery. 
A Speech and Language Therapist who will either invite your child in for language groups, following an assessment or carrying these out via Zoom.
An Occupational Therapist, who can support our child with any sensory issues, fine motor skills or self-help skills.
 A Physio Therapist, who can support your child with any mobility issues.
Community and Adult Mental Health Service (CAMHS), who will support with any concerns around behaviour.

Staff roles

We have a range of roles, all Early Years trained, to support all children in their educational development. Teachers, Early Years Educators (Key persons) and SEN Support Workers, who all work alongside each other to enhance the outcomes for all our children.

Our Day Care Manager is also our designated Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator, and oversees the provision and effectiveness of all strategies for all children with SEN. She is experienced in applying for EHCPs and supports families through the whole process. When your child is ready to make the next move on to reception class, she again will support this process ensuring a smooth transition for both the child and family.

Majority of staff have been trained in:

Supporting children to develop their speech & Language (ECAT training, crocodile groups and Attention Builders)
Supporting children with a variety of sensory needs
Supporting children with Autism
Specialist training in PECS
Supporting children with behavioural difficulties
Toileting training
Sleep routines
Using an Epipen
Trained in paediatric first aid
Safeguarding Children

Additional professionals who support the Centre also include:

Early Years Area SENCO
Educational Psychologist
Social Communication Team
Early Years Development Team
Speech & Language Therapist
Occupational Therapy
Child and Adult Mental Health Service (CAMHS)
Early Years Visual advisor
Early years Hearing impairment advisor
Nurses for children with medical needs

The Centre ensures its procedures are effective by the following:

All strategies are related to children’s learning
There are regular evaluations of children’s learning with both the parent and practitioner concerned, such as reviewing individualized learning priorities.
The SENCO has review meetings with staff on a termly basis.
Use of observations, parent knowledge and where appropriate outside professionals to identify possible strategies to be utilised
Modify the learning environment to meet the needs of the child

Ofsted Information

Inspection Outcome
Inspection Outcome
Inspection DateInspection typeInspection Outcome
24/07/2019Inspection (Early Years Register)Good
Link to latest Ofsted inspection report 

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