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The responsibility for regulating gambling in the borough is shared between the Gambling Commission and Islington Council. The Gambling Commission is responsible for issuing operating licences to organisations and individuals that provide facilities for gambling and personal licences to persons working in the gambling industry.

The Commission takes the lead role for ensuring that gambling is conducted in a fair and open way through the administration and enforcement of operating and personal licence requirements. The Commission is also responsible for remote gambling activities such as facilities provided via the Internet, television or radio.

 Islington Council has responsibility for issuing licences and permits to allow premises to be used for gambling. The types of premises needing authorisation from the council includes: 

  • casinos

  • bingo halls

  • betting shops

  • amusement arcades

  • pubs

  • clubs with fruit machines

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020 7527 3031 020 7527 3031
Licensed Gambling in Islington
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