Accept Consortium

The Accept Consortium consists of Women's Therapy Centre, Nafsiyat, Maya Centre and ICAP combined. Whilst retaining their own individual identities and services, the four members aim to work collaboratively to support the development of psychotherapy services in London to ensure the most vulnerable and excluded groups are able to access therapy, with a particular focus on longer term culturally-sensitive psychotherapy that is often not available through statutory provision. Members of the consortia will retain their own independence and services but will work collaboratively where appropriate in negotiations with GP Commissioners, NHS Trusts, other NHS bodies and local authorities, with the aim of providing psychotherapy services that complement and enhance the statutory sector provision with its focus on shorter-term cognitive based therapies.

Referrals can be made directly to the organisation of interest or to Accept Consortium via an online referral form on the website 

Alternatively contact the four members directly:
Women's Therapy Centre 020 7263 7860
Nafsiyat - Intercultural Therapy Centre 020 7263 6947
Maya Centre 020 7281 2728
Immigrant Counselling and Psychotherapy (ICAP) 020 7272 7906

Who to contact

020 7263 6947 020 7263 6947
Accept Consortium
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Other Details

Cost Details
Free to Islington residents
Additional Languages
Services are free to Islington residents and are provided in a number of languages including: Arabic, French, Farsi, Portugese, Spanish, Turkish, Amharic, Azerbaijani, Russian, Bengali, Italian, German, Tigrinya, Tigre, TW, Ga, as well as English.

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