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Islington and Camden Bladder and Bowel Care Service

If you suffer with a bladder or bowel leak, however small, you can get free help and confidential advice from your local district nurse, health visitor, school nurse or continence advisor.  Your GP can refer you for a continence assessment.  If you require a reassessment or information on products you can contact the bladder and bowel service, your district nurse, health visitor or school nurse. 

Who is it for? 

Adults and Children (from the age of 5 years) who have any bladder or bowel problems.


Bookings and referrals for this service are managed through the Islington central administrative referral team.

Tel: 020 3316 1111
Fax referrals: 0844 774 6419

For clinical enquiries:

Maxine Hammond
Senior nurse practitioner (clinical lead)
Tel: 020 3316 8397

For support and advice:

Jan Gallacher
Assistant practitioner
Tel: 020 3316 8399

For pad and delivery enquires please call 0800 030 44 66.

Who to contact

020 3316 8399 (Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm)


River Place Health Centre
N1 2DE
Record updated: 29/09/2021