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Female-only activity in Islington

  • Access to Sports offers activities to girls and young women:
    • Basketball for girls aged 12-16, Fridays 5-7pm, London Metropolitan University, Science Centre, Hornsey Road, N7 7DD
    • Football for women aged 16+, Mondays and Thursdays 7-8pm, Sobell leisure centre, N7 7NY
    • Fitness for women aged 17+, Wednesdays 9.30-10.30am, Elizabeth House, N5 1ED
    • Roller skating and multi-sports for girls aged 8-12, Mondays 4-5.30pm, Arts & Media School Islington, N4 3LS
    • Volleyball, basketball and tennis for girls aged 8-12, Sundays 11am-1pm, London Metropolitan University, Science Centre, Hornsey Road, N7 7DD
  • The Active Spaces programme offers activities at a number of community centres in Islington for women
  • Egyptian dance with Holloway Neighbourhood Group, 84 Mayton St, N7 6QT for women
  • Fitness for women in leisure centres: Sobell leisure centre, N7 7NY; Highbury leisure centre, N5 1RR
  • Fitness with Elizabeth House Community Centre, 2 Hurlock St, N5 1ED
  • Fitness classes with Nuffield Health at St Mary's Church Sports Hall, Upper Street, N1 2TX, and St Luke's Centre, 90 Central Street, EC1V 8AJ for girls aged 11-16
  • Football for girls and walking football for women aged 40+ with Arsenal in the Community. For more information, see the leaflets to the right. Arsenal in the Community also offers these sessions:
    • football for girls aged 6-9 at Arsenal Hub, N7 7BA
    • football for girls aged 10-13 at Tufnell Park primary school, N7 0HJ, and St John's Highbury Vale primary school, N5 1DL
    • for more information contact James Warnock,
  • Football with Camden & Islington Youth Football League, Market Road Football Pitches, N7 9PL for girls
  • Football with Islington Borough Ladies Football Club, Whittington Park, N19 4EG for women and girls, and Sobell leisure centre, N7 7NY for women
  • Football with Powerplay, Central Foundation Boys School, Cowper St, EC2A 4SH for women
  • Football with Wrayvens FC, Wray Crescent, N4 3LP, for women
  • Football with ProTouch SA, Market Road Football Pitches, N7 9PL for girls
  • Gym at Cally Pool, 229 Caledonian Road, N1 0NH for women
  • Gym at Lift Youth Hub, 45 White Lion St, N1 9PW for young women
  • Gym at Mary's Youth Club, Upper St, N1 2TX for girls
  • Handball with Islington Handball Club, London Metropolitan University, 29 Hornsey Road, N7 7DD for women
  • Healthy Generations offers free or low-cost activities to help improve health and well-being. This includes a specific, free session for women with remedial osteoporosis, Cat and Mouse Library, 277 Camden Road, N7 0JN
  • Netball with Islington Netball, Highbury Fields, N5 1AR for women
  • Netball with Play Netball, City of London Academy Highbury Grove, 8 Highbury Grove, N5 2EQ for women and mixed groups
  • Netball with Play Netball, Elizabeth Garrett Anderson school, Donegal St, N1 9QG for women and mixed groups
  • Rugby with Finsbury Park Rugby Football Club in Finsbury Park for women
  • Squash at Finsbury leisure centre, Norman St, EC1V 3PU for women
  • Swimming and swimming lessons at Cally Pool, 229 Caledonian Road, N1 0NH, and Ironmonger Row Baths, Norman Street, EC1V 3AA for women
  • Table tennis at St Luke's Community Centre, 90 Central St, EC1V 8AJ for women
  • Tennis at Islington Tennis Centre, Market Road, N7 9PL for women
  • Tennis with Highbury Tennis Club, Highbury Fields, N5 1AR for women
  • Yoga with Islington Yoga, The Arc Centre, N1 7DF, for pregnant and postnatal women 
  • Yoga with MahaDevi Roberta Sumar Yoga Centre, 12 Eden Grove, N7 8EQ for teenage girls with a disability

The map shows where female-only activity and all sport and physical activity is on offer in Islington.

Female-led activity in Islington

Many if not most fitness classes in Islington are led by women. The classes are open to both men and women. 

Facilities in Islington leisure centres that offer privacy

  • Archway Leisure Centre, Macdonald Road, N19 5DD. The group cycle studio has blinds that go over the windows.
  • Highbury Leisure Centre, Highbury Crescent, N5 1RR. The windows of the studio are frosted. There is a small window on the entrance door that is not frosted.  
  • Sobell Leisure Centre, Tollington Road, N7 7NY. The studio has frosted glass. The mind & body and group cycle studios which are closed off by a wall.  

Further Information

Sport and physical activity has full information about all the sport and physical activity on offer in Islington.

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