Home Fire Safety Checks

London Fire Brigade, LFB is working with Islington Council and other public bodies to promote its free Home Fire Safety Visit service. Providers are asked to refer service users to the LFB’s free safety advice and smoke alarm fitting service.

We believe that successful firefighting starts with prevention. So we have introduced a service where we can visit you, a loved one, or someone you care for at home to provide personalised advice about fire safety. It's totally free, available 24/7, and we will even fit free smoke alarms during the visit if you need them. 

A Home Fire Safety Visit entails two firefighters visiting your service users home, if necessary with a key worker present, to offer advice on how to make your service user’s home and family safe and where appropriate fit smoke alarms for free. It will take about 15 minutes of yours and their time. The firefighters will advise on electrical safety, safe cooking, safe disposal of smoking materials, use of candles as well as an escape plan specific to their home and what to do in the event of a fire.

Who to contact

Contact Name
London Fire Brigade (LFB)
0800 028 4428 0800 028 4428
Home fire safety checks
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To refer someone:

  • Complete the LFB HFSV referral form available attached below and send electronically to smokealarms@london-fire.gov.uk or fax to 020 8536 5913 or telephone LFB Call Centre directly on 08000 28 44 28 Quoting Ref: ISL 06
  • If you are referring a number of people then as long as consent has been received then a spreadsheet is equally acceptable with contact details for each resident and if required details of their key worker(s). This can be emailed to smokealarms@london-fire.gov.uk with Islington 06 in the subject field.
  • If urgent action is required send the referral marked URGENT in the subject field of email, attach and send.

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 If urgent action is required send the referral marked URGENT in the subject field of email, attach and send.

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