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The Stuart Low Trust

Stuart Low Trust (SLT) is a health promotion charity based in Islington, north London. Our mission is to ensure that local people, especially those experiencing social isolation or mental distress, have access to the support they need for better health and wellbeing.

We provide safe spaces and community activities focusing on arts, nature and wellbeing, including out of hours.

Stuart Low Trust was founded in memory of Stuart Low, a young Islington man with a diagnosis of schizophrenia who took his own life after failing to find the support he needed to cope. SLT aims to counter the downward spiral of mental illness and social isolation by providing a welcoming place of support and community in a non-judgemental space.

We run a variety of activities, the majority of which are free or low cost. Most activities are evening and weekend events based in and around Islington. We welcome all participants regardless of their circumstances or area of residence. No formal arrangements are required to attend our events, just come along and check us out.



**Due to Covid-19 we are currently delivering our programme online via Zoom, please scroll down to see our programme schedule below (updated monthly)

Importantly, in normal times (pre-Covid), most of the Trust’s activities take place out–of-hours in the evenings or at weekends, this is often when people are at their lowest and when there are few alternatives.

The Friday Evening Events (currently on hold due to Covid-19) run 52 weeks a year (including Christmas day). Currently, between 70 and 100 participants attend each week. They are welcomed with free, nutritious refreshments followed by an entertaining performance or interesting presentation on a health, wellbeing or mental health topic. Friday evenings offer respite from social isolation and provide a sense of belonging and community in a non-judgmental space.  Participants can choose to attend every week or just drop in. In 2017, over 400 participants attended. “I love the sense of community. It’s such a crucial thing to our wellbeing”.

The Saturday Projects include arts and expression, relaxation and mindfulness and social skills workshops. These range from Dance, sitting yoga and Chi Kung, to mindfulness, breathwork and stretching workshops and relaxation and meditation classes.

The Gardening Club (currently on hold due to Covid-19) offers a sense of calm and wellbeing, and gets participants outside, breathing fresh air and learning new skills.  It allows them to experience the benefits of connecting with nature for mental health.

The Thursday Singing Group tutor puts participants at ease and helps them find their voice. And our Music Appreciation classes give participants the space to share and talk about their favourite music and songs with a group of like-minded individuals.

The Sunday Philosophy Forum, led by experienced philosophers, is an opportunity to debate the big questions - who we are and what we want most out of our lives.

The Gentle Exercises Classes, run in partnership with Healthy Generations are designed to increase energy and resilience, by strengthening muscles, joints and bones. Being active and releasing endorphins through light exercise has been known to improve mood, and contribute to an overall feeling of greater wellbeing.

Day trips, outings, museum visits and our bi-monthly art workshops in partnership with a local gallery complete our present program.

For the latest information, please visit our website: or email us at

September Activities:

SLT’s Music Appreciation Classes – Thursday 2nd & 16th September

Share and talk about music you enjoy with others! We will listen to music and talk about what specific songs mean to you, their history and maybe some fun facts. Participants will have a big part in choosing the music we listen to and discuss.  Each session will follow a theme, e.g. Songs from your childhood, Songs that never fail to make you happy or specific musical genres and composers. Participants on the call will take it in turns to bring in music and share with the group. The session will end with a fun music quiz around that theme.  Delivered by Cici on Zoom.

SLT’s Wellbeing Workshop - Tibetan Relaxation: exercises for mind body and spirit harmony – Saturday 4th September

Explore the positive benefits of mixed exercises including: sitting and breathing techniques, self-massage and movements and stretching exercises. With regular practice, these exercises will help to reduce stress and pain in joints and muscles, improve quality of sleep, reduce anxiety levels, boost the immune system and support the body and mind flexibility. Delivered by Maurizio on Zoom.

SLT’s Gentle Exercise class: Building Energy through Movement – Tuesday 7th & 21st August

A combination of Chinese movement designed to increase energy and resilience. Delivered by Peter from Healthy Generations on Zoom.

SLT’s Estorick Art Workshops - Wednesday 8th & 29th September

DIY Ink and Paint Making (8th September) - This workshop will introduce different ways to make ink using basic and natural materials from your kitchen or foraged berries, herbs and plants to create your own art materials to work with. Delivered by Jenny from the Estorick Collection, on Zoom.

Paper Casting (29th September) - Inspired by the Estorick Collection’s new exhibition ‘A Still Life: Paul Coldwell in Dialogue with Giorgio Morandi’ this workshop will explore casting using basic toilet roll paper to create sculptures and reliefs. Delivered by Jenny from the Estorick Collection, on Zoom.

SLT’s Weekly Community Choir – Thursdays

Join our friendly community choir and sing heart-warming songs together every Thursday. Term starts on the 9th September. Delivered by Cici on Zoom.

SLT’s ‘Let’s Sing’ Wellbeing Summer School - Saturday 11th, 18th & 25th September

A series of fun and informal workshops to enjoy singing heart-warming songs together, even if you think you can’t sing! Suitable for all levels. Delivered by Cici on Zoom.

SLT’s Friday Evening Event – An Illustrated Talk with Historian Lee Jackson: ‘At your convenience: The Curious History of the Victorian Public Toilet’ – Friday 24th September

The Victorians were famously obsessed with hygiene - 'cleanliness is next to godliness' - bringing public baths, sewers and soap to the urban masses. But they had a peculiar blind spot - the public toilet.

Historian Lee Jackson explains how finding a place to 'spend a penny' in Victorian London was never an easy business and how it was only at the very end of the nineteenth century, after a campaign by Victorian feminists, that Londoners finally obtained some relief. Followed by a Q & A, delivered on Zoom.

Please email or call 020 7713 9304 for more information and to book your free place.

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