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Asylum Support Appeals Project

ASAP’s aim is to reduce destitution experienced by asylum seekers by helping them to obtain housing and welfare support

We provide free legal advice and representation to asylum seekers at the Asylum Support Tribunal, run an advice line for advice agencies, and engage in policy work to improve asylum support law.

ASAP is a small national charity which aims to reduce destitution amongst asylum seekers by protecting their legal rights to food and shelter. ASAP carries out three types of work:

1)    Free legal representation and advice to the asylum seekers appealing against UKBA’s decision to refuse or withdraw their support.  Every year, we assist about 600 asylum seekers at the First-Tier Tribunal (Asylum Support).  

2)    Asylum support advice and training to frontline organisations, advice agencies and legal practitioners working with with asylum seekers.   

3)   Policy, lobbying and litigation to improve policies and procedures on asylum support. 

Who to contact

0203 716 0284
0203 716 0283 (Advice Line)(Mon, Wed, Fri 2-4pm)
Asylum Support


Container City Building, 48
Trinity Buoy Wharf
E14 0FN
Record updated: 29/09/2021