Islington Integrated Gangs Team

The Integrated Gangs Team (IGT) works with gang violence affected young people aged 10 to 24 involving the police, children's services, youth and community, youth offending and probation services, the NHS, and specialist voluntary agencies who are co-located to provide a joined up and intelligence-led response to gangs and youth violence in Islington. The service is under-pinned by a robust safeguarding approach as well as the use of enforcement where required, facilitated by the co-location with the Islington Police Gang's unit, and the use of a wide range of statutory and civil powers including tenancy action, where gang members continue to offend and pose a risk to the public.

The IGT is rolling out a new Prevention Offer to respond to the need to intervene earlier and with a younger age range of children and young people (ages 10-24) who are identified as on the cusp of serious gang violence. The ICT is extending its existing offer of individual work, group work and consultancy to this broader range of children and young people including to the siblings of those involved in gangs.

For further information and/or a copy of the Operating Manual, please email:

Who to contact

07703 380225 07703 380225 020 7527 7400 (Children's Services Contact Team) 020 7527 7400 (Children's Services Contact Team)

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Who is this service for?
Islington residents, aged 10-24 years at the time of referral to the IGT. They must also meet one of the following criteria: an offending history that involves serious youth violence and is linked to group or gang criminality; a victim of serious youth violence, sexual violence or exploitation because they are associated or affiliated with a gang; in a relationship with someone who is involved in a gang; on the Metropolitan Police Service Gangs Matrix or identified as Category 3 risk under the Islington Gang Safeguarding protocol for young people under 18 which can be found on the website of the Islington Safeguarding Children Board:
Can I refer myself?
Referral required
Referral Details

The lead professional can make a referral to the IGT by completing a referral form which can be obtained by emailing:

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