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Reporting Anti-social behaviour (ASB)

If you are a victim of or have witnessed an incident of anti-social behaviour you should report it to your area housing office. This can be done in person, online, by telephone, email or in writing.
Anti-social behaviour online reporting form
During normal working hours we will have a member of the ASB team available to receive and manage your report. Outside of normal working hours we operate a single number ASB hotline 020 7527 7272 to receive reports. This service is fed to our out of hours service to provide an immediate response where appropriate and is completely onfidential.
Hate Crime
A hate crime is a crime or harassment motivated by hatred of another person simply because of their race, gender, colour, religion, disability, age or sexuality. Domestic violence is also classed as a hate crime.
If you are the victim of, or have witnessed an incident of hate crime then you can report the incident in person at one of our Area Housing Offices or alternatively report it to Islington Council's third party reporting sites.

Who to contact

020 7527 7272 020 7527 7272
Anti Social Behaviour Team
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