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Civil Legal Advice

Are you at risk of losing your home as a result of debt? Can’t afford to pay for your own legal advice?

You may qualify for legal advice from Civil Legal Advice (CLA). We will check if you qualify for legal aid, and if you do, you can speak to a CLA operator who will check your details and put you through to a CLA legal adviser.

If you don’t qualify for legal aid, CLA can suggest other places that may be able to help.

This service can support clients with:

  • Debt advice and help with money

Who to contact

0845 345 4345 - Calls cost from 4p per minute, or they can call back.
Civil Legal Advice

Time / date Details

Opening times/date
Monday to Friday 9am to 8pm; Saturday 9am to 12.30pm

Other Details

Can I refer myself?
Record updated: 04/11/2021