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Mildmay Mutual Aid Group

Mildmay Mutual Aid Group

Mildmay Mutual Aid Group is a grassroots community group volunteering support for neighbours during the Covid-19/ Coronavirus outbreak.

Volunteers from the group can help if you are in need - whether it be picking up some groceries, walking your pet or just having a chat if you need one.

If you are a resident in the Mildmay area and need support please email:


You can call the Mildmay Community Centre on 020 7249 8286 on Thursday from 10-5pm and Fridays 10-2.30pm

Please note: 

Mutual Aid groups are not established charities, and are not able to ensure all volunteers have DBS checks.  A Mutual Aid volunteer will only come to your home if you have contacted your local group to ask for help. Mutual Aid volunteers will not enter your home. Volunteers will never ask you to pay for their time, and will only ever accept money from you if it is a direct payment for something bought on your behalf (for example, if a volunteer goes to the supermarket for you).

Who to contact

020 7249 8286


Record updated: 12/07/2021