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Health Visiting Service

Contacts from the health visiting service are mostly being managed as telephone assessments at the moment.

If you need to speak with a health visitor there are 3 ‘duty’ telephone numbers available, 9am to 5pm.  

Please note that childhood immunisations continue as normal.

The Bright Start Health Visiting team may decide with you to complete a home visit if it is safe to do so. We are also offering appointment only child health clinics. If you need an appointment please request one via the central number: 020 3316 8008, or the duty numbers given below:

  • Bingfield HC : 020 7527 1610
  • River Place: 020 3316 8461
  • Highbury Grange HC : 020 3316 8012

The Bright Start Health Visitor teams  work together with all families and the early years services, to provide information and support, facilitating the Bright Start vision, which is to reduce stressors and build resilience in families, so that children will be happy, safe and active, learning and developing physically, emotionally and socially to their full potential. Underpinning the work the Bright Start health visitors deliver are four key principles.

These are:

  • the search for health needs
    • the stimulation of an awareness of health needs
    • the influence on policies affecting health
    • the facilitation of health-enhancing activities.

We do this by taking a lead on the delivery of the Healthy Child Programme, which takes the form of five mandated visits.

  1. Antenatal Contact between 28-36 weeks of pregnancy
  2. The New Birth Visit 10-14 days after delivery.
  3. The 6-8 week health visitor review
  4. The 12-15 month developmental review
  5. The 24-30 month developmental review.

All families with children 0-5 have access to a Bright Start health visiting team. If you are unsure which team you come under, you can check this by contacting the Islington 0-19 team on 020 3316 8008 or drop into any one of the child health clinics or children centre and they will be able to help you.

Find more information on what to expect from the Health Visiting Service.

Find details of activities and services in each Bright Start area.


Who to contact

020 3316 8008

Other Details

Cost Details
Who is this service for?
Every family in Islington with a child aged under 5 years is allocated to a health visiting team.
Can I refer myself?
How to refer or apply

Every family in Islington with a child aged under 5 years is allocated to a health visiting team. All newborns receive a home visit from a named health visitor. Phone your GP or health centre for contact details of your health visitor.

Additional Languages
The service has access to interpreting and advocacy services for most languages.
Record updated: 18/09/2020