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For those residents who are struggling with the cost of food and are not regular cooks Bags of Taste offers a distance learning course that will show you how to cook a variety of recipes at home that you can make very cheaply. We deliver a pack of recipes and all the ingredients you need. We will give you tips and guide you through cooking each recipe at home, either via online videos and chat or over the phone.

It’s all completely free!

We offer a mentored virtual cooking course which gets people cooking healthy meals from scratch that they will be able to make in future for less than £1 a portion. Participants join a Whatsapp group with 2 other students and a mentor. We deliver a bag of ingredients and recipes for FREE. The mentor posts photos and video tips and students are expected to cook the 3 recipes over 2 weeks, posting pics of their efforts.

Please note: THIS IS NOT FOR PEOPLE WHO ONLY WANT A FOOD PACKAGE. PEOPLE MUST BE PREPARED TO ENGAGE IN THE GROUP AND COOK THE RECIPES. Although it starts with a free food package, the aim is to build resilience, to enable them to provide affordable, tasty and healthy meals for themselves and their families. 

Email or call to sign up.

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