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Disabled Employment Advisors (DEAs)

If you need extra employment support because of a disability or health condition, your local Jobcentre can put you in touch with a Disability Employment Adviser (DEA). DEAs can also work with people in employment who may need support to keep their jobs.  DEAs should be able to help you draw up an action plan for finding or staying in work. They can tell you about suitable jobs, further assessments and what ongoing support is available. They work closely with you and your employers to help you do your job efficiently and with support. DEAs can help find solutions to issues such as accessibility and adapting the workplace environment.

They can also refer you to the following:

  • employment assessment to help you identify what type of work or training suits you best

  • specialist employment assessment with a Work Psychologist to help you prepare to find and stay in work

  • job-matching and referral service - the DEA can let you know about jobs that match your experience and skills and provide advice about Access to Work, if required

  • the Work Programme to help you prepare and stay in work

  • programmes specifically for disabled people, like Work Choice or Residential Training

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Record updated: 23/09/2021