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Highbury New Park Hostel

Highbury New Park (HNP) is a 13 bed project providing accommodation and on-site support for people who have a significant offending history and are homeless.

This service is for:

  • People with a significant offending history, who at the point of referral have ongoing supervision from the Probation Service. This includes license, community orders, curfew and tagging orders
  • People with ongoing poly-substance misuse issues, including those who continue to use class A drugs
  • People with associated low-level mental health problems
  • People engaged in street-based activity
  • People at risk of ASBOs and offending
  • People with a connection to Islington, who are single, homeless and over 18
  • People in need of 24-hour support rather then visiting support

All referrals must be accompanied by an up-to-date risk assessment. This is to ensure that our project can meet the needs of any potential client and avoid unnecessary exclusions.

Who to contact

0208 912 0450