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Bright Start Online - Chatterpillars

 Tuesday, 10.15-10.45 & 11-11.30; Wednesday, 2-2.30pm; Friday, 10.45-11.15am
This session supports children’s language development and is by invitation only for children 18 months – 3.5 years.

Bright Start Online - Antenatal Q&A

 Every other Saturday, 10.30-12.00
Meet with our breastfeeding supporters to talk through all your questions about feeding and caring for your newborn when he or she arrives.

Bright Start Online - Special Time Workshops

 2 linked sessions: 2-2.30pm Tuesdays, 7 & 21 July or 14 & 28 July
Two NEW linked Bright Start Online sessions run by our Speech and Language Therapists these two linked workshops will show you how to support your child’s play, learning and communication by including short ‘Special time’ activities into your daily routine. Email or call to book…

Bright Start Online - Zumba

 Thursday, 1.30-2.30pm
This fun and energetic Zumba class is great for burning calories as well as having fun! It’s suitable for both parents and children so the whole family can join in with the session. We will learn lots of different dances to a variety of songs…

Bright Start Online - Antenatal Yoga

 Tuesday, 9.30-10.30am
This session supports mums-to-be prepare for giving birth through gentle engaging movements and by bringing awareness to body changes in pregnancy. Mums to be can attend once they are in their second trimester. Contact to book

Bright Start Online - Extra Boost (SEND)

 Monday, 2-2.30pm; Wednesday, 11-11.30am
This small group session supports children with additional needs and their families and is by invitation only. Sessions focus on an interactive activity to engage children and support their learning and development.

Bright Start Online - Sensory Adventures (SEND)

 Thursday, 11.30am to 12noon
A small specialist group for two and three year olds with Social and Communication needs and their families. Sessions focus on engaging children in a stimulating activity to promote their learning and development.Invitation only, if you are interested in joining please contact, t: 020…

Bright Start Online - Postnatal Yoga

 Tuesday, 10.30-11.45am
These classes are for practicing yoga with mother and baby, using movements which include the baby. Gentle Pilates exercises help to re-establish the pelvic floor muscle. The session also includes singing and gentle general massage for the baby. Mothers can attend from when the baby…

Bright Start Online - Introducing Solids

 Mondays 2-3pm 6 & 20 Jul, 3 & 17 Aug, 14 & 28 Sept. Thursdays 10-11 am 2, 16 & 30 Jul, 13 & 27 July, 3,10 & 24 Sept
A one off workshop for parents with a baby aged 4-6 months. Get information and tips on how to start your baby on solid food and answers to any questions you may have. Contact to book.

Bright Start Online - 0-5s Come and Play

 Monday, 10.15-10.45am; Tuesday, 9.30-10am; Friday, 11.30am to 12 noon
Come and join in a fun, interactive activity with your child and pick up tips on how to support your child’s learning and development. These sessions are for Islington residents, living in any of the Bright Start areas. You don't have to live in a…

Bright Start Online - Breastfeeding Support Group

 Fridays, 1-2.30pm
Free breastfeeding support group with Sherridan for information and support with feeding your baby, and an opportunity to (virtually) meet other local mums.

Bright Start Online - First Aid Information Session

 Monday 22 June, 3.30-4.30pm; Wednesday 15 July 3-4pm
Join an accredited First Aid trainer to further develop your understanding of basic First Aid and how to support your child in the event of an accident. Content includes minor burns, choking and resuscitation.

Bright Start Online - Under 1s Come and Play

 Monday, 11-11.30am; Wednesday, 10.15-10.45am; Friday, 2-2.30pm
Come and join in a fun, interactive activity with your child and pick up tips on how to support your child’s learning and development. These sessions are for Islington residents, living in any of the Bright Start areas. You don't have to live in a…

Bright Start Online - Family Language Session with Adult Community Learning, ACL

 Monday, 9.15-10.15am
A group designed to improve parents' reading, writing, speaking and listening skills. You’ll also learn different strategies to support your child’s literacy skills and be more confident to meet with your child’s class teacher and other professionals. Take part in any session, or attend all.…

Bright Start Online - Baby Massage

 Monday, 10.30am to 12noon; Friday, 11am to 12noon;
In these sessions you will learn how to massage your baby from a qualified infant massage instructor trained by the International Association of Infant Massage. You will learn to use different strokes supporting you to build secure attachment and read your baby’s cues which supports…

Bright Start Online - Song and Movement Come and Play

 Wednesday, 11.45am to 12.15pm; Thursday 9.30-10am; Friday, 10-10.30am
Come and join in a fun, interactive activity with your child and pick up tips on how songs and movement in time to music can support your child’s learning and development. See 'how to refer or apply' for daily session details.

Bright Start Online - Bi-lingual Stories and Rhymes

 Turkish 7, 14 & 21 Jul Contact Bright Start South. Somali 11, 18 & 25 Aug Contact Bright Start East
Come and join in a fun, interactive story time with your child and develop confidence reading with your child to support their communication, listening and attention skills. Contact us to book Turkish: 7, 14 & 21 Jul Contact Bright Start South, 020 7527 4089 /…

Bright Start Online - Supporting Your Child’s Behaviour Workshops

 2 linked sessions 2-3 pm Fridays 3 & 17 July (parents need to be able to attend both sessions)
Two linked sessions (parents need to be able to attend both sessions) designed to increase your confidence parenting your children and learn new skills. You will also:• get tips on how to support your child’s behaviour • learn ways to support your child’s emotional development•…

Bright Start Online - Mums & Babies Meet-up

 Wednesdays, 10.30-11.30am
Join us for a virtual cuppa and a chat - a great opportunity to meet other mums and babies and share your experiences of all things feeding and parenting. Trained breastfeeding volunteers are on hand to share lots of information and resources on feeding and…

Bright Start Online - Supporting Children in Nursery and Reception Workshops with Adult Community Learning, ACL

 Thursday, 1-3pm
What is the Early Years Foundation Framework? Find out how your child learns through play. What does your child need to know to be “school ready” and how can you support them? Make fun learning resources to use at home, to support your child’s maths,…