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We take your feedback seriously. Here are some examples of recent comments and our responses including changes we have made.

Young Children with Speech, Language and Communication Delay or Difficulties

Young children’s speech, language and communication skills develop at different speeds. Sometimes it can be delayed, and children may need extra help to progress. The delay or difficulty may be in: Attention and listening Comprehension (understanding spoken language, understanding specific vocabulary) Expressive language (developing vocabulary,…

Your Youth Councillors

Islington Youth Councillors 2020-22 are: Catherine Browne 'I believe if we all work together we can stop knife crime' Manifesto: I am campaigning to stop knife crime in Islington. I want young people to be safe where ever they are and not worry about knife crime.…

Youth Council

Islington welcomes new Young Mayor, Deputy Young Mayor and members for London Youth assembly Rosie Kurnaz has been elected Islington’s new Young Mayor - with Melissa Williamson as Deputy Young Mayor, and Salman Ayadi and Kacper Strek as Islington’s two new London Youth Assembly members. The four…

‘Waves of Intervention’ – Quality First Teaching

The Waves of Intervention Model The 'Waves of Intervention' model (national Strategies) describes how different levels of intervention can be understood and systematically implemented. Wave 1 (Universal): describes quality inclusive teaching which takes into account the learning needs of all the children in the classroom.…