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    Weblink: Action for Sick Children  Localo Offer Flash

    Website of the national charity that works to ensure that sick children receive the highest standards of care.

    Weblink: ADD information Services  Localo Offer Flash

    A source of information on national and local support groups and resources about Attention Deficit (Hyperactivity) Disorder.

    Weblink: Asthma UK  Localo Offer Flash

    The website of Asthma UK, a charity dedicated to improving the health and well-being of people whose lives are affected by asthma.

    Weblink: Autism Independent UK  Localo Offer Flash

    This is the website of Austism Independent UK.

    Weblink: Blue Sky Autism  Localo Offer Flash

    Website of the charity providing one to one and small group autism therapy programmes.

    Weblink: British Deaf Association  Localo Offer Flash

    A website for information about the British Deaf Association, British Sign Language and the deaf community.

    Weblink: British Dyslexia Association  Localo Offer Flash

    The website of the British Dyslexia Association, offering a comprehensive service to dyslexic young people and their families.

    Weblink: British Institute of Learning Disabilities  Localo Offer Flash

    The website of BILD, a national organisation supporting people with learning disabilities and those around them.

    Weblink: Brittle Bone Society  Localo Offer Flash

    Website of the Brittle Bone Society, which provides practical support aswell as advice to those suffering with the disease.

    Weblink: Cancer Care Society  Localo Offer Flash

    The Cancer Care Society provides help to anyone who's life has been affected by cancer throughout the UK.

    Weblink: Change 

    Website of the national organisation that promotes the rights of learning disabled people.

    Weblink: Changing Faces  Localo Offer Flash

    The website of an organisation working with people who have facial disfigurements

    Weblink: Children's Heart Federation  Localo Offer Flash

    The service provides information and support to children with heart disorders and their families.

    Weblink: Council for Disabled Children  Localo Offer Flash

    CDC is the umbrella body for the disabled children’s sector in England.

    Weblink: CPotential  Localo Offer Flash

    Registered charity in North London, providing Conductive Education and therapies to help children and young people aged 3-18 with movement disorders due to conditions such as cerebral palsy and acquired brain injury to achieve their potential, plus support for parents.

    Weblink: Deafblind UK  Localo Offer Flash

    Website of the organisation for dual sensory impaired people

    Weblink: Diabetes UK  Localo Offer Flash

    The website of the British Diabetic Association, which provides information and advice on teenage diabetes.

    Weblink: Disability Law Service  Localo Offer Flash

    Website for Disability Law Service which offers free and equal access to the legal rights of disabled people.

    Weblink: Disability Rights UK  Localo Offer Flash

    Disability Rights UK has been formed through a unification of Disability Alliance, Radar and National Centre for Independent Living. It aims to be the largest national pan-disability organisation led by disabled people.

    Weblink: Disability, Pregnancy and Parenthood International  Localo Offer Flash

    A national information charity on disability and parenthood.