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Resident Support Scheme

Support for residents in financial crisis. Please use the link at the end of this page for details on Islington Council's web page.

School Admissions

For information on primary and secondary schools in Islington and how to apply, please visit the School Admissions web pages, or call School Admissions on 020 7527 5515.

SEND in the Early Years

It is critical that there is no delay in the early years in identifying the need for, and making any necessary special educational provision. Delay can give rise to loss of self-esteem, frustration and subsequent learning and behaviour difficulties. Early action is crucial to future…

Services for disabled children in Islington

Islington's Disabled Children's Services are made up of teams of education, health and social care professionals working together to support disabled children and their families. You can find full details of the support services available for families with disabled children on Islington's Local Offer directory.

Setting up a Nursery

If you are interested in setting up a nursery in Islington, you will want to consider where there migt be a demand for childcare. Islington's Childcare Sufficiency Assessment will give you an indication of which areas of Islington have a need for further childcare. Islington is…

Starting Solids

The first time a baby eats solid foods is a new chapter in your baby’s life and can be both exciting and a little scary. The good thing is that if you wait until your baby shows that they are ready, it will be much…

Working with children

Islington's Family Information Service (FIS) provides a jobs bulletin every two weeks showing vacancies with nurseries, schools, and all children and young people's services. If you would like to subscribe to the jobs bulletin, please email including your phone number in the email. The Early…

Worried about a child?

If you are worried about a child, that they may be experiencing neglect or abuse, whether it is a family member or someone living nearby, phone 020 7527 7400 at any time. Alternatively, you could speak to a teacher, headteacher, health visitor, school nurse or GP.…

Young People's Sexual Health and Contraceptive Services

Find details of young people's sexual health and contraceptive services in Islington.