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Early Help Services for families in Islington

What is Early Help? Most of the time families cope well with the demands of family life, but when circumstances change, or their usual networks of support let them down, there is help available. Islington is committed to making sure that families get support when…

Help for Families New to Islington

Have you recently moved to Islington and have children aged 0-25?  For information about support and services available in your new local area, contact Islington FIS (Family Information Service). Useful links: 1. Activities and support for families with Under 5s at Bright Start Islington venues 2. Finding childcare: Islington…

Help for New Parents in Islington

If you have just had a baby and need information about support and services available in your local area, contact Islington FIS (Family Information Service). Islington FIS helps families with children aged 0-25. Useful links for new parents 1. Registering the birth of your child 2. New…

Infant feeding from birth to around 6 months

Breastmilk or first infant formula is the best source of all the food and fluid your baby needs in the first 6 months of life. If you are breastfeeding, breastmilk will continue to give your baby extra protection against illness, for as long as you…

Registering a Birth

Legally you need to register a birth within 42 days at the Register Office in the area where the baby was born. Find out what you need to do to register your baby's birth in Islington.

Starting Solids

The first time a baby eats solid foods is a new chapter in your baby’s life and can be both exciting and a little scary. The good thing is that if you wait until your baby shows that they are ready, it will be much…

Worried about a child?

If you are worried about a child, that they may be experiencing neglect or abuse, whether it is a family member or someone living nearby, phone 020 7527 7400 at any time. Alternatively, you could speak to a teacher, headteacher, health visitor, school nurse or GP.…

Young People's Sexual Health and Contraceptive Services

Find details of young people's sexual health and contraceptive services in Islington.