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Resident Support Scheme

Support for residents in financial crisis. Please use the link at the end of this page for details on Islington Council's web page.

Review of Education, Health and Care Plans

Schools and settings are required to meet with parents at least three times a year when their child is receiving SEND support and are responsible for setting up these meetings.

Rights and responsibilities

Everyone has the right to be treated fairly and be protected from harm You should also respect the rights of others. The UK has additional laws that protect your rights, such as: equality laws to protect you from discrimination laws that protect you at work rights when…

Rights and responsibilities at work

There are laws to protect you in work. These cover: minimum pay rates and payslips working hours and holidays contracts of employment health and safety equality and equal treatment.  In return, you have responsibilities. You should: be on time be prepared to work hard –…

Road and transport safety

Bikes and cars are great for getting about but they can be dangerous if you don’t know how to use them properly. Make sure you get proper training and you think about cycling or driving safely.

Role and Responsibilities of all Teachers

The Council recognises has an expectation of participation, fulfilment and success for all our children. Planning for progression and differentiation are fundamental to successful teaching and learning. High expectations of progress must apply to all children working above, at, or below age-related expectations, including those who have SEND.…

The Role of a Special Educational Needs Coordinator (SENCo)

All mainstream schools must ensure they have a qualified teacher designated as SEN Coordinator (SENCo). Where they have not been a SENCo at that, or any other school for more than 12 months, they must achieve a National Award in Special Educational Needs Coordination within…

The Role of Governors

Duties of Governing Bodies for SEN Governing Bodies have statutory responsibilities for pupils with SEND – they are set out in primary and secondary legislation The governing body must do its best to ensure that the school makes the necessary provision for every pupil with SEND…

The Role Teaching Assistants (TAs)

'Deployment and Impact of Support Staff' by the Institute of Education (2009) reported on a five year study of 8,200 children.  The study found that children who received the most support from TAs consistently made less progress than similar children who received less TA support.  'There has been…

Safe Havens

Safe havens are a practical way of helping everyone in Islington, including young people, to enjoy their community knowing that support is easily available if they need help. Public premises such as shops, cafes, pubs, libraries and other places of interest can register to be officially…

Safeguarding and SEND

Children with SEND are 3.4 times more likely to be abused than non-disabled children 3.8 times more likely to be neglected 3.8 times more likely to be physically abused 3.1 times more likely to be sexually abused 3.9 times more likely to be emotionally abused.…

Safer school policing

What is Safer School Policing? Currently a named police officer is provided for the 12 secondary schools in the borough and one police officer is provided for colleges, in addition there are four police officers for universities and four dedicated police officers covering 46 primary schools.This arrangement has…

Saturday Library Assistants

Islington Library and Heritage Services are looking for Saturday Library Assistants working either 6 or 7 hours between 9am and 5pm every Saturday. Applications welcome from people who are between the age of 16-24 and are an Islington resident. Closing date is Sunday 2 February 2020.   

School Admissions

For information on primary and secondary schools in Islington and how to apply, please visit the School Admissions web pages, or call School Admissions on 020 7527 5515.

School Attendance and SEND

Despite progress in recent years, both primary and secondary phases in Islington currently perform poorly in terms of school attendance in comparison with statistical neighbours. Children with SEND have higher patterns of non‐attendance; our aim is at least 96% attendance for all children. In 2016‐17,…

School SEND Information Report

The SEN Code of Practice says that Governing Bodies must publish information on their websites about the implementation of their SEND policy. The information published must be updated annually, with any in-year changes updated as soon as possible.

Schools in Islington

Find out about the 10 secondary schools in Islington and how to apply on the Islington Council website,. See also information on post 16 learning. Alternatively, check out the London-based University Technical Colleges UTCs for students aged 14 to 19.

Secondary Transfer for Children with SEND

The aim of this information is to help parents of children with Education Health and Care (EHC) Plans who are coming up to secondary transfer. This is because secondary transfer arrangements work in a slightly different way for your child.

SEN Data Dashboard

View our 2017-18 data dashboard which shows: Children and young people with an EHCP by need Outcomes at Key Stage Progress against outcomes in EHCPs

SEN Governance in Islington

The process of governance (or making policies and monitoring how effective they are) takes place at various levels across the Council. The SEN Governance Map provides details of all the Boards and groups which all contribute to the governance of SEN provision for children and young people…