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Weblink: Dyslexia Action  Localo Offer Flash

National charity providing support, advice, assessment, education, training for children, young people and adults experiencing dyslexia and literacy difficulties.

Weblink: Dyspraxia Foundation  Localo Offer Flash

This website give information about a network of local groups and activities for children with dyspraxia

Weblink: Empowering Deaf Society (EDS)  Localo Offer Flash

Website of the charity dedicated to improving the quality of life for deaf people.

Weblink: Epilepsy Action  Localo Offer Flash

Website of the British Epilepsy Association

Weblink: Epilepsy Society  Localo Offer Flash

Website providing information that will assist young people with epilepsy to achieve more independent lifestyles.

Weblink: Exceptional Individuals  Localo Offer Flash

Website of the recruitment agency for employees and individuals with dyslexia, dyspraxia, ADHD and autism.

Weblink: Family Rights Group  Localo Offer Flash

A confidential helpline for families involved with or require social care services

Weblink: Fragile X  Localo Offer Flash

Support, information and friendship for families whose children and relatives have Fragile X Syndrome.

Weblink: Genetic Alliance UK  Localo Offer Flash

A free helpline that finds your people the best help whatever the problem

Weblink: IDL Dyslexia Intervention  Localo Offer Flash

Website of the charity providing online dyslexia intervention programmes.

Weblink: Kids  Localo Offer Flash

Working with disabled children, young people and their families.

Weblink: Macmillan Cancer Support  Localo Offer Flash

Website which aims to ensure those living with cancer get the best information, treatment and care.

Weblink: Makaton  Localo Offer Flash

Website of the Makaton charity which helps people with communication difficulties.

Weblink: Micro and Anophthalmic Children's Society  Localo Offer Flash

Website offering information about microphthalmia, anophthalmia, coloborna and related conditions

Weblink: Muscular Dystrophy Campaign  Localo Offer Flash

A website offering information to people who have neuromuscular conditions

Weblink: Nasen  Localo Offer Flash

Website of the national organisation for children with Special Educational Needs.

Weblink: National Autistic Society  Localo Offer Flash

Website providing a wide range of services throughout the UK for children suffering from autistic disorders.

Weblink: National Deaf Children's Society (NDCS)  Localo Offer Flash

Website for carers, parents and families, aimed to help deaf children enhance their skills and abilities

Weblink: National Eczema Society  Localo Offer Flash

The website of a national organisation for those suffering with eczema, dermatitis and sensitive skin.

Weblink: National Meningitis Trust  Localo Offer Flash

Website providing a wide range of support to meningitis sufferers and their families.