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Weblink: Muscular Dystrophy Campaign  Localo Offer Flash

A website offering information to people who have neuromuscular conditions

Weblink: Nasen  Localo Offer Flash

Website of the national organisation for children with Special Educational Needs.

Weblink: National Autistic Society  Localo Offer Flash

Website providing a wide range of services throughout the UK for children suffering from autistic disorders.

Weblink: National Deaf Children's Society (NDCS)  Localo Offer Flash

Website for carers, parents and families, aimed to help deaf children enhance their skills and abilities

Weblink: National Eczema Society  Localo Offer Flash

The website of a national organisation for those suffering with eczema, dermatitis and sensitive skin.

Weblink: National Meningitis Trust  Localo Offer Flash

Website providing a wide range of support to meningitis sufferers and their families.

Weblink: National Self-Harm Network  Localo Offer Flash

Website which provides information and supports and empowers people who self-harm.

Weblink: Newlife The Charity for Disabled Children 

The website of Newlife, supporting disabled children and their families across the UK.

Weblink: Parents for Inclusion  Localo Offer Flash

Website for the inclusion of children with SEN into mainstream schools and generally society as a whole

Weblink: Remark 

Advice, support and services for deaf children and adults, including interpretation services.

Weblink: Rethink Mental Illness  Localo Offer Flash

Advice, support and information for people affected by mental illness.

Weblink: Rett UK  Localo Offer Flash

The Rett UK website provides support, advice and information to families and professionals.

Weblink: Scoliosis Association UK (SAUK) 

The website offering information and support to young people with scoliosis.

Weblink: SENSE (National Deaf-Blind and Rubela Association) 

Website which provides a wide range of services deaf-blind children and also adults.

Weblink: Shine  Localo Offer Flash

Shine is the leading UK registered charity providing information and advice about spina bifida and hydrocephalus to individuals, families and carers.

Weblink: Sibs Encounter  Localo Offer Flash

UK organisation for brothers and sisters of disabled children and adults.

Weblink: Sickle Cell Society  Localo Offer Flash

The website of the national organisation advocating provision of services for those affected by sickle cell anaemia.

Weblink: SOSSEN  Localo Offer Flash

An independent helpline for special educational needs.

Weblink: Special Needs Jungle  Localo Offer Flash

News, information, informed opinion about SEN by parents for parents.

Weblink: SWAN UK  Localo Offer Flash

Website of charity supporting families affected by a syndrome without a name.