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    Licensing - Gambling

    The responsibility for regulating gambling in the borough is shared between the Gambling Commission and Islington Council. The Gambling Commission is responsible for issuing operating licences to organisations and individuals that provide facilities for gambling and personal licences to persons working in the gambling industry.…

    Licensing - highways and roads in islington

    Monitor and license developments and building work which affects the roads or pavements.

    Lost, Damaged or Stolen Freedom Pass

    Call this number to request a replacement Freedom Pass if yours is lost, damaged or stolen. Fees may apply. For more information, see website.

    Lumpy Hill Adventure Playground

    Lumpy Hill has exciting structures and swings. Children grow vegetables and flowers in a fabulous garden and make artworks which they display all over the site. There is a big grassy space for ball games. Play is free here. Islington Play Association's adventure playgrounds are…

    Mayor of Islington

    The Worshipful the Mayor is the first citizen of the London Borough of Islington. The Mayor has a specific role to play for the authority during his or her term of office, which runs for a year commencing each May. The Mayor is the Chair…

    Mayville Community Centre

    Community Centre offering a wide range of community events including birthday parties, funerals, weddings, childrens clubs and senior clubs. Located in the heart of the Mayville estate.

    Media Office

    The Media Office deals with all media enquiries about Islington Council. The Media Office is for media enquiries only.

    Mutual Exchange

    The quickest way to move is often by finding another tenant who would like to swap homes with you. This is called a ‘mutual exchange’.You can swap your home with another council or housing association tenant either in Islington, London or anywhere in the United…

    Noise complaints - commercial properties

    If you are experiencing noise from building sites, commercial or trade premises, or pubs or clubs and you have been unable to contact them yourself, contact the council. If you are disturbed by commercial noise and are able to identify the source, try visiting the…

    Noise Complaints - Residential

    If you live in a council property you should contact your Estate Manager who will discuss the noise problem with you first and then refer it to us if appropriate. Tel: 020 7527 7272 (Noise Service: office hours)Tel: 020 7527 7272 (Noise Patrol: night hours 8pm to…

    Parking - appeals

    If you wish to appeal against a PCN issued on the public highway please email us within 14 days of the ticket being issued n order for us to consider your appeal you must include: the Penalty Charge Notice (PCN) number your vehicle registration number your home…

    Parking - General Enquiries

    Call Contact Islington for all general parking enquiries, or check on our web pages.

    Parking Fine - payments by post

    Send a cheque or postal order with the PCN number  and your address written clearly on the reverse payable  to LB Islington Parking Finance. or you can pay online via our web pages.

    Pollution Team

    In urban environments, we are surrounded by different types of pollution on a daily basis. Air, water, land and noise pollution can impact quality of life, create health concerns and harm the natural environment. Islington Council’s Pollution Service monitors and initiates improvements in the local…

    Progress Team Localo Offer Flash

    GCSE and A Level Results 2021 Have you just got your GCSE or A-Level results? You may have concerns and questions about your next steps in education, employment and training. The Progress Team wants to celebrate your success and can help you if you are…


    Islington businesses with licenses to sell alcohol are strongly encouraged to join one of the borough's pub watch schemes. The aim of Pubwatch is to encourage a safe, secure social drinking environment in all licensed premises and help to reduce drink-related crime. Licensees from pubs,…

    Residential Environmental Health Service

    Customers can contact Residential Environmental Health to talk about private sector housing e.g. getting your landlord to carry out a repair or concerns with your housing conditions and can also deal with certain gas safety issues.

    Road Safety Localo Offer Flash

    The Traffic & Safety Team deliver a comprehensive range of road safety initiatives for nursery, pre-school, primary and secondary school pupils and adults in the borough. Their objective is to reduce road accidents and raise awareness of road safety issues across the borough. The programme in…

    Roads and pavements in Islington

    There are 240 kilometres of road in Islington. Transport for London is responsible for some of the main roads in Islington such as Upper Street, Archway Road, Holloway Road, Pentonville Road, Farringdon Road and Seven Sisters Road. To find about any problems on these roads,…