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    Companies House Information Centre (London)

    Companies House incorporates and dissolves limited companies, registers the information companies are legally required to supply, and makes that information available to the public. There are more than 3 million limited companies registered in the UK, and 500,000 new companies are incorporated each year. Opening…

    Complaints about Islington Council

    If you want to complain, you have the right to do so. Making a complaint won’t affect the services you receive. When dealing with your complaint, we will aim to: sort out your complaint as quickly as possible and make sure we put the problems…

    Contaminated Land

    In urban environments, we are surrounded by different types of pollution on a daily basis. Air, water, land and noise pollution can impact quality of life, create health concerns and harm the natural environment. Islington Council’s Pollution Service monitors and initiates improvements in the local…

    Council Tax

    This Islington Council Website link explains everything you need to know about your council tax.

    Crime Prevention officers

    The most common form of crime in Islington is crime against property, such as burglary and motor vehicle crime; opportunist thieves commit most of these crimes. By taking simple precautions you can reduce the likelihood of becoming a victim.

    Crumbles Castle Adventure Playground

    Crumbles Castle is has an actual castle on site! Children play above ground in a network of exciting treetop structures. We encourage child-led play experiences outdoors in all types of weather and throughout the seasons. Islington’s adventure playgrounds are open for outdoor play sessions with social…

    Data Protection Act

    The Data Protection Act 1998 was introduced to protect personal data about you by setting rules and conditions which all bodies, such as Islington Council (the Act calls us Data Controllers) must obey when obtaining and using information about you. The Act also provides you…

    District Nurses

    The District Nursing service provides professional nursing in the community, thereby helping to avoid unnecessary admission to hospital and facilitating early discharge. The service is organised into teams aligned to general practices. It is a 24-hour service, run 365 days per year, and encompasses: comprehensive…

    District Surveyors

    Islington Building Control delivers its service through a team of experienced and highly qualified surveyors and a group of knowledgeable and efficient technical support officers. We offer a customer-focused service, tailored to the needs of individual customers. At the beginning of your project we will assign…

    Dropped Kerb Enforcement

    The council can enforce dropped kerbs that allow access to and from a roadside property or that are part of a pedestrian crossing. If you have a dropped kerb outside your home and a vehicle is regularly parked across it you can make an enforcement…

    Electoral Services

    The Electoral Services team are responsible for producing the annual electoral register – the list of all Islington residents eligible to vote and for the monthly registration process that runs from 1 December to mid-August. The team also manages and organises all local, Parliamentary and European…

    Emergency Planning and Business Continuity

    In the event of any incident requiring the assistance of Islington Council, the Emergency Services will contact us by way of an agreed procedure. The role of the council is then to: support the emergency services support people affected by the incident provide mutual aid…

    Fly Tipping

    You can now report fly-tipping online using the Clean Islington app, which is available for free for iPhone, Android and Windows Phone via app stores. Fly-tipping is "the illegal/unlawful deposit of any waste onto land with no licence to accept waste". It includes anything from…

    Food Safety

    The Commercial Environmental Health Service works with businesses to ensure that all food and drink produced, stored or sold in Islington is safe to eat. It does this by: carrying out regular inspections of food businesses at a frequency determined by risk promoting good standards…

    Forced Marriage Unit

    This is a joint initiative between the Foreign & Commonwealth Office and the Home Office. Their trained professionals offer confidential advice and assistance to those who have been forced into marriage, people worried about friends or relatives, professionals working with actual or potential victims of…

    Freedom Passes Localo Offer Flash

    A Freedom Pass is provided by your local borough council to give older and disabled Londoners free travel on almost all public transport in London. Please see website link below for more details. Please note that you will need to provide proof of ID that…


    Graffiti is expensive to remove. Every year the Council spends thousands of pounds of taxpayers’ money removing it. But research shows that the quicker it is removed the less likely it is to reappear. And you can help us, by reporting it. All abusive and racist graffiti…

    Green Party - Islington Branch

    Islington Green Party holds monthly meetings for members, guests and anyone who wants to hear more about us. Our meetings are monthly and held at Islington Town Hall (but on zoom for now). Do email to get details of the next meeting. We also have regular campaign…


    Information on your local parks and how you can make Islington even greener!