School SEND Information Report

The SEN Code of Practice says that Governing Bodies must publish information on their websites about the implementation of their SEND policy. The information published must be updated annually, with any in-year changes updated as soon as possible.

What can be found in a School SEND Information Report?

The information required is set out in the Special Educational Needs and Disability Regulations 2014, and must include:

  • The kinds of SEND that are provided for
  • Policies for identifying children with SEND and assessing their needs, including the name and contact details of the SENCO (mainstream schools)
  • Arrangements for consulting parents of children with SEND and involving them in their child’s education
  • Arrangements for consulting young people with SEN and involving them in their education
  • Arrangements for assessing and reviewing children’s progress towards outcomes
  • Arrangements for supporting children and young people in moving between phases of education and in preparing for adulthood
  • The approach to teaching children and young people with SEND
  • How adaptations are made to the curriculum and the learning environment
  • The expertise and training of staff, including how specialist expertise will be secured
  • Arrangements for evaluating the effectiveness of the provision
  • How children with SEND are enabled to engage in activities available with children in the school who do not have SEND
  • Support for improving emotional and social development
  • How the school involves other bodies, e.g. health and social care bodies, LA support services
  • Arrangements for supporting children and young people who are looked after.

Schools should ensure the information is easily accessible and set out in clear, straightforward language. It should include information on the school’s SEND policy, named contacts where young people or parents have concerns, and arrangements for handling complaints about provision.

How can I access School SEND Information Reports?

Islington School SEND Information Reports can be accessed on each school’s website.  Links to which can be found on the school’s directory listing.

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This Local Offer Page is parent approved.

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