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Apprenticeships are jobs with training

Training is a mix of on and off-the-job training, leading to qualifications at level 2 or 3. Watch the video below to help you understand more about apprenticeships.

Higher and degree apprenticeships are also available at Level 4 to 6, equivalent to higher education certificates, diplomas or degrees. To apply, you usually need a level 3 qualification.

Skill areas include hairdressing, business administration, accountancy, IT, sport and leisure, hospitality, motor vehicle work, construction, retailing and more. Most employers set entry or selection tests or look for specific GCSE qualifications.

Apprentices are paid a minimum wage of at least £4.30 from April 2021 but most earn a lot more. The minimum wage is reviewed every April.

This includes time spent away from work and training at a college or training centre. The National Apprenticeship Service has details of all the apprenticeships you can do. You can register online for vacancies.

Find local and London-based vacancies:

Islington Council offers one year apprenticeships in a variety of areas that include work experience and training, and offer a fairly good salary. Other local training providers offer apprenticeships and work-based training.