Islington Parents' Voice Forum - User Guidelines

This is the agreement you make when you join:

Forum users will:
  • Be kind to each other and sensitive to the feelings and opinions of others – everyone’s experience is unique and, while you might not always agree, you can disagree in a respectful way.
  • Make sure everyone gets a chance to speak.
  • Think about what you’re going to say and how it may impact others. Do not say anything that could intentionally upset someone.
  • Make sure contributions reflect your lived experience and not what someone else has told you is going on.
  • Report any concerns or comments that make you uncomfortable.
  • Check out the Council’s website or contact ‘We Are Islington’ if you need professional advice and guidance.
Forum users won’t:
  • Give instructive advice – forum users can get professional advice from the links above.
  • Use behaviour or language that’s disruptive or deliberately offensive to other users.
  • Say anything which is racist, homophobic, sexist, transphobic, personally abusive or dismissive about people’s experiences.
  • Promote any commercial ventures.
Facilitators will:
  • Try to be fair. Sometimes we may ‘mute’ (i.e. turn off the microphone)  people who don’t follow guidelines. We expect this won’t happen often and we’ll always explain why we’ve taken this action
  • Do our best to resolve any technical problems as quickly as possible.
  • Have the discretion to temporarily or permanently suspend membership if behaviour and/or comments are not in line with the Forum guidelines.
  • Take any safeguarding concern seriously and operate within the Council’s Safeguarding Policy framework.
Facilitators won’t:
  • Interrupt or take over your conversation. The forum is for parents to talk to each other. We might respond if a relevant signpost can be made and this hasn’t been shared by other users.
  • Give advice – this can be found on the Council’s website or by contacting ‘We Are Islington’ during its opening hours.
  • Pass on your details or use your information for anything else unless we have your permission.
When using the Forum, I understand:
  • The forum is available on public view.
  • All comments made are at my own risk.
  • The Council is not responsible for what forum users say.
  • All users have read, understood and agree to the Forum User Guidelines.
  • The Council reserves the right to block users who breach forum user guidelines.
  • All users accept the Council’s privacy policy. 
  • All users have access to the Council’s complaints procedure.
Guides to Online safety

See also the following links for guides to on-line safety:


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