Measuring Success

All children progress at different rates, and the same is true for children with SEND. Children and their needs are individual, and what is appropriate progress is therefore also individual, and has to be defined by success in meeting appropriately challenging SMART goals.

The Council expects that some children will successfully meet highly appropriate challenging goals and outcomes but the nature of their SEND may mean that the gap between their attainments and those of their peers will widen over time.

How will effectiveness be monitored?

The Council expects that schools will:

  • Critically analyse the effectiveness of their own provision
  • Build improvements into school planning
  • Follow the guidance set out around outcomes
  • Ensure staff are adequately trained and all teachers assume responsibility for the outcomes of children with SEND
  • Share good practice with other schools.

The Council also monitors:

  • School inspection reports from Ofsted with regard to inclusion and the achievement of all vulnerable learners
  • The use and the effectiveness of SEND delegated funding.

Find further information on the Council's expectations of SENCos, Teachers, and Teaching Assistants.

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