Need more information about the police, court or crime?

For information about what happens if you are stopped by the police or go to court, or if you are affected by a crime ...

... look at these websites:

  • The Mix has information on what happens if you break the law, crime prevention and what to do if you are a victim of crime.
  • GOV.UK has information on different types of crime and what happens if you report a crime or go to court.

Carrying a knife or gun is illegal in the UK. The police can stop and search you if they think you may be carrying a weapon. If you are carrying a knife, things can quickly get out of control. You might injure or kill someone, or get stabbed yourself. Have a look at what can happen in the video 'Choose a different ending' below.

If you are the victim of a crime, or witness a crime, you can contact the Victim Support Helpline on T: 0808 168 9111. You can also request support via the website

If you have witnessed or have information about a crime, you can report it in confidence, without anyone knowing who passed on the information:

You can ring Crimestoppers T: 0800 555 111. This is an independent charity helpline which allows you to report a crime anonymously. They will never ask your name or try to trace your telephone number.

You could also look at Fearless, a website for young people. It allows you to give information about a crime anonymously.

To contact the Police

Call 999 if someone is in danger or a crime is taking place.

Call 101 to report a crime and other circumstances that do not require an emergency response.

Operators can access interpreters if you have difficulty speaking English.

Textphone if you are deaf or have a speech difficulty:

  • Emergency 18000
  • Non-emergency 18001 101

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