Planning move from School to Adulthood

How do we plan?

We start planning in Year 9 (your Year 9 review). This is so we can start thinking about what you want to do when you leave school. There are lots of different options to think about in making decisions about your future education, employment, housing, health and well-being, relationships and getting around / being part of the community.

In your Year 9 review, we will talk about options and help you start drawing up your plan. You will be asked about things you like, your strengths, talents and hopes. To help draw up your plans, your parents / careers, and people from education, health and care services will be there to help you.

What to expect (each school Year)

Year 9 - You will be asked to think about your hopes for the future

Years 10 - You will be involved in a review of your education, career and social care plan

Year 11 - Your transition to post 16 eductaion will be agreed and actioned

Year 12 - A worker from Adult Social Care may join your Annual Review

Year 13 - You will be finalised and your adult care and support plan agreed

Age 18 - Transfer to adult services on your 18th birthday


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